XL Bendables

Flexibility & Durability: These paper sticks are both flexible and tough, ideal for tackling the toughest glob-cleaning tasks.

Superior Absorption: With three times more cotton than the original v2 mops, they guarantee superior absorption, leaving your globs fresher than ever.

Extra Quantity: Enjoy a total of 300 swabs, making Glob Mops BENDABLE XL 2.0 the top choice.

Versatile Dual-Tip Design: Not just for globs, these dual-tip swabs keep everything fresh and clean, from your globs to quartz nails and bangers.

QTY Price Reduction Each
2-3 -$2.00
4-5 -$2.25
6+ -$3.00


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Bendable Mops:
Crafted for any angle!

GlobMops are specifically designed to provide enough structure and flexibility to get in any angle! Paired with the classic pointed, and round tip these are sure to get all of those tough globs!

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Glob Mops XL Bendables are designed for cleaning globs and various cannabis accessories, including vaporizers, pipes, quartz nails, and bangers.

These swabs have paper sticks that are flexible and durable, providing excellent reach and performance during tough glob cleaning sessions.

Each pack contains a total of 300 double-tipped swabs, giving you ample supply for your glob-cleaning needs.

Absolutely! These dual-tip swabs are versatile and work wonders for cleaning quartz nails, bangers, and other cannabis accessories.

The paper sticks in the Glob Mops XL 2.0 Bendables are recyclable, but after use the product is compromised and unable to be recycled.

No, these swabs are made from 100% pure tightly woven cotton, ensuring a clean and residue-free glob-cleaning experience.

Yes, and we also offer a travel pack, making it easy to carry these swabs in your luggage, bag, or travel case. Learn more here! Travel Pack

Dispose of used swabs properly, and keep them out of reach of children. Use them as directed for safe and effective glob cleaning.

Customer Reviews

"I've been a fan of using the normal Glob Mops for a while now and decided to try these on a whim. I was expecting these to be a bit more flimsy if I'm honest because of their "bendable" attribute BUT they definitely are not. They don't bend too easily so you can still get into tough places with enough force to clean but the bendability is SO nice!!"
~Happy Customer
"I usually get the regular ones, but the bendable ones are where it’s at! Def keeps my nails fresh to death!!!"
~Happy Customer
"The bendables are perfect for cleaning the neck of my banger. Game changer!"
~Happy Customer

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