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XL 2.0 (2pk)

Experience the ultimate clean with GlobMops XL 2.0, featuring extra-large, ultra-absorbent tips that make quick work of any residue for the most efficient clean yet.

Slurper Mops

The Slurper Mop is specifically engineered with JP Toro for maximum absorbency, designed to keep your slurper-style nails pristine and in peak performance condition with every use.

Slurper Mops:
Crafted for Your Banger

GlobMops are specifically crafted for the concentrate connoisseurs. With a lengthened neck, flexible reach, and a perfect diameter head designed specifically with the Toro Slurpers in mind, we created the most versatile mop to keep all nails fresh to death. 

XL Bendables (2pk)

Our Bendable GlobMops offer unmatched flexibility, allowing you to reach and meticulously clean the most challenging nooks of your devices without compromising on strength or absorbency.

Travel Packs

Never leave home without your trusty Globs Mops! With a 30ct, and a hard shell pack you can rest assured we’ve got you covered on the go, and at the sesh!