XL 2.0

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sticks: These bamboo sticks are eco-friendly and tough, ideal for tackling the toughest glob-cleaning tasks.

Superior Absorption: With three times more cotton than the original v2 mops, they guarantee superior absorption, leaving your globs fresher than ever.

Extra Quantity: Enjoy a total of 300 swabs, making Glob Mops XL 2.0 Bamboo the top choice.

Versatile Dual-Tip Design: Not just for globs, these dual-tip swabs keep everything fresh and clean, from your globs to quartz nails and bangers.

QTY Price Reduction Each
2-3 -$2.00
4-5 -$2.25
6+ -$3.00


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Glob Mops:
Crafted for Your Banger

GlobMops are specifically crafted for the concentrate connoisseurs equipment. With double tipped tight woven cotton, the unique shapes aid in getting all those tough globs out.

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Glob Mops XL 2.0 Bamboo Stick Swabs feature eco-friendly bamboo sticks and three times more cotton for superior absorption during glob cleaning.

Yes, the bamboo sticks are known for their durability, making these swabs ideal for tough glob cleaning tasks.

Absolutely! These dual-tip swabs are versatile and can effectively clean quartz nails, bangers, and other cannabis accessories.

Yes, they are made from 100% pure cotton, ensuring a clean and residue-free glob-cleaning experience.

Yes, the bamboo sticks used in these swabs are eco-friendly, making them a sustainable choice for glob enthusiasts. After use they need to be disposed of in the trash, not recycling.

Currently, these swabs are available in packs of 300 for maximum convenience. We do offer 6 pack, and bulk case offers as well!

No, these swabs are designed to provide a residue-free cleaning experience for your globs.

Yes, bulk purchasing options are available for those who require larger quantities of swabs. Whether you’re a retail location looking to stock our products, or someone who’s got a lot of globs, we can take care of you!

Customer Reviews

“Great glob mops, they handle everything I need them to handle. Great at being absorbent, as well as being able to use them several times per tip. Highly recommended if you find yourself using several cotton tips. Only thing to note is that the tips are several times larger than a typical cotton tip. Great price, great bulk, very sturdy.”
~Happy Customer
“The super strong bamboo sticks never break on me and the tightly wound cotton stays securely on the ends. The tip reaches EVERYWHERE and the blunt end soaks up SO MUCH. Best choice for this sort of work by far”
~Happy Customer
"Fantastic cleaning swabs! By design with their wooden shaft and non fraying cotton, they will make quick work of any sticky mess without fear of breakage or cotton strands being left behind. The pointed design on one side also offers superb cleaning access for even the smallest of places."
~Happy Customer

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